A Community Lover's Guide to the Jewish Community

[We are in the process of re-launching this blog and plan to be up and running by March 2013. Please stay tuned...]


We are collecting Jewish community stories and this website is a space to showcase all the amazing and inspiring ‘stuff’ going on in our community!

In November 2012 we published ‘THE COMMUNITY LOVERS GUIDE TO THE JEWISH COMMUNITY’ - an online book featuring some of the most inspiring initiatives and projects from around the Jewish community. The book is part of a series of similar books featuring stories and perspectives from around the world – not just the Jewish community. For example, other people are writing ‘community lovers guides’ to London, Manchester and New York! You can find out more about the project here www.communityloversguide.org

This website will complement the book by providing a space to share photos, videoclips, audio, drawings, ideas and written words – in fact, anything that is inspiring people to 'do community'.

In particular we will feature community initiatives that:

- Challenge the traditional ways of doing things inspire people to do things differently

- Are people led, rather than organisation led

- Involve 'hands-on' doing, learning or other types of creativity

- Seek to include, involve and connect people

- Are run resourcefully, re-using or re-imagining or sharing resources


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The Habo Bike Project

The aim of this project is to collect second-hand bikes, repair them, and donate them to refugees who are in need of an affordable, environmentally friendly means of transport. The bikes will be repaired by a group of refugees and volunteers from the Jewish Community who will also engage in ‘cultural exchange’ activities in order for both groups to learn more about each other’s background and their common social goal: to make the planet fairer and greener.


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